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About Prochem Training

Prochem was founded in 1974 by Ron Tilley. Ron started as a carpet cleaner, working for a carpet cleaning franchise in the early 1960’s. He quickly rose through the ranks to become Director of Training, teaching the skills he had learnt during his cleaning career. He then spent many years travelling to the USA and other countries to research the latest advances in chemicals and equipment development. Up until this time very little training in carpet and upholstery cleaning was available in the UK and because of this he decided to start Prochem in 1974 to provide training, cleaning equipment and chemicals to this specialised sector of the cleaning industry. Training carpet and upholstery cleaners on the use of the latest products and equipment, and demonstrating the various cleaning methods, was the key to the successful development of Prochem. Now, when you come to Prochem you will be trained by a founding company in the UK carpet and fabric cleaning products industry. Prochem has been supplying the professional cleaning industry with training, cleaning solutions and machinery for over 45 years. Our purpose built Training Academy, with lecture room and demonstration areas, is situated on the same site as our 50,000 sq.ft facility manufacturing chemical products to the latest ISO9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental standards.

The industry recognised training courses are designed both for the newcomer to the carpet cleaning industry, who is usually setting up his own business, as well as the seasoned professional who would like a refresher course or to find out what’s new in cleaning. If you are already a carpet cleaner, a contract cleaner or public sector operative, if you want to improve your skills and learn more about products and methods, the 1 Day Carpet Cleaning Course is for you. The 1 Day Upholstery Course and the 1 Day Hard Floor Maintenance Course are for cleaners who wish to add these two services to their existing carpet cleaning service. If, however, you are new to carpet cleaning, we recommend that you come on a 2 Day Carpet Cleaning Course where you will get all the advice you need for starting up your cleaning business, as well as hands-on practice in identifying fibres and carrying out a professional survey. At all of our courses you will be able to try out machines and ask the trainers for personalised advice. Training courses are also backed up by a technical help-line or, if you prefer, advice via email. All contact numbers and links can be found on this web site.

As a prospective carpet cleaner you are probably asking yourself the question: “Do I really need to do training? Surely cleaning a carpet can’t be that complicated” There are hundreds of carpet cleaners around the country who think exactly the same thing. But the plain truth is that trained cleaners get THE BEST CLEANING RESULTS, which enables them to get the best price for their work and to thrive on their reputation through recommendation from their satisfied customers and repeat business. If you have not yet acquired the technical knowledge of cleaning, and you intend to build a business in cleaning, take industry advice and get yourself trained. TECHNICAL TRAINING COURSES ARE ONE OF THE BEST INVESTMENTS YOU CAN MAKE IN YOUR BUSINESS. Without a complete understanding of the chemistry of cleaning and how fibres react to water and cleaning solutions – and in particular when to say “no” to a potentially dangerous cleaning job – your business will be continually exposed to the possibility of poor cleaning results or even costly disasters. Being professionally trained will help you to sell your cleaning service, as you will have greater confidence and the ability to explain to your customer exactly what kind of results they can expect in any given situation.

As well as learning how to carry out various cleaning methods, which machines to use and how to choose the correct cleaning solution, you will learn how to avoid some very common problems associated with carpet and upholstery cleaning. These include:-

SHRINKAGE – both on carpets and upholstery fabrics. Yes, even some types of recently manufactured carpets and modern fabrics may shrink and the only solution to this problem may be replacement. But on Prochem cleaning courses you will learn how to identify the carpets or fabric where shrinkage is a possibility and how to choose a cleaning method which will avoid shrinkage.

DYE MIGRATION or dye bleed. You will learn how to carry out the necessary tests to see whether this is a potential problem on the floor covering or upholstery that you about to clean. According to the results you will then be in a position to choose the correct cleaning solution and method to avoid dye bleed.

BROWNING – This is a phenomenon can vary in intensity, but the effects of browning have led to the closure of many carpet cleaning businesses because the damage has been irreversible. Once again, correct identification of the carpet fibre and the carpet construction is essential to avoid this type of problem.

STRETCHING – You will learn which types of carpet are likely to stretch and which techniques to use to avoid this. A carpet which has stretched can usually be re-fitted by a professional carpet layer, but the cost of this will be for the cleaner to bear and in all likelihood the customer will be unwilling to pay for the cleaning or give the cleaner any further work.

On a Prochem professional training course we will teach you how to inspect, test and take avoiding action for all of the problems described above, as well as to PREDICT the expected level of cleaning result – a bonus to both you and your customer. A Prochem carpet cleaning course will demonstrate to you the recommended cleaning methods, which have been designed to cope with the varying conditions of soiling, staining and other associated problems.

On a 2 day Carpet Cleaning Course you will also be shown how to carry out a survey and give the basic sales presentation to “close” a sale. This course is recommended for business start-ups.

The 1 day Upholstery Cleaning Course introduces a wide range of fabrics, which may be encountered in upholstered furniture, as well as car, coach and train interiors. It will show you how to make simple tests for potential problems such as:-

· DISTORTION (velvets)
· and a phenomenon referred to as SWEALING or ring marking.

You will see demonstrations of the various methods, which may be used to clean WET CLEANABLE as well as DRY CLEAN ONLY fabrics, together with cleaning machines and accessory items, which have been designed to achieve the best possible results. You will also learn how to time and price an upholstery job and where the potential markets are.

The 1 day Hard Floor Maintenance and Cleaning Course introduces you to all the known flooring and floor covering types, as well as demonstrating the standard tasks of cleaning and maintenance throughout the ranges of hard, smooth and resilient floors. These include:-

· STRIPPING back old finishes
· SEALING new floors and RE-SEALING old floors which have become worn

Our team of trainers is highly experienced in carpet, upholstery and hard floor cleaning. They may be running their own well-established cleaning company and come to Prochem on a consultancy basis, bringing their experience and up-to-date knowledge of the current markets, customer expectations and trends in pricing and frequency of interventions. Other trainers work in close contact with the cleaning industry, answering technical questions on a daily basis, visiting cleaning sites where there are specific needs, liaising with manufacturers, dealing with cleaning problems that may arise and talking to people in the cleaning industry across the UK and overseas.

During the breaks on a training day, the trainers will be more than happy to answer your questions and you will be welcome to call the technical support line or communicate with Prochem advisors by email should you require assistance related to your cleaning requirements in the future. There is a great deal of information on the Prochem web site including stain removal advice and the latest Safety Data Sheets and Product Specification Sheets, which also carry the label instructions.

The most valuable thing we hope to give you on a Prochem Training Course is CONFIDENCE. The knowledge and know-how that you will acquire will hopefully give you the confidence to tackle any job and obtain the best possible results. It will enable you to speak with assurance and professionalism to your customers and convince them that the service you offer is far superior to that of your untrained competitors.

A TRAINING REFERENCE MANUAL: most cleaners who have come on Prochem Courses refer to their reference manual as their “bible”. There is a lot of information to take in on all of the courses, but the manuals will enable you to refer back to everything you were taught on the course. They are updated regularly, so will always contain all the latest methods and innovations in cleaning processes. Only delegates on Prochem training courses will be able to obtain a manual as it is not possible to purchase them without attending the course.

A CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE: although this is not a certificate of competence or proof of any qualification in your field of cleaning (you will not be asked to pass any tests on a Prochem Training Course), you should keep this certificate safely as insurers very often ask for certificates of attendance of training courses. If you subsequently seek employment with a large cleaning company they may also be pleased to see that you have undertaken training with Prochem. And finally it is a useful addition to your sales portfolio if you are an independent cleaner and would like to show your customer that you are trained to an industry level.

Lunch and refreshments are provided on all Prochem training courses, with a vegetarian option available. If you have any special dietary requirements, please ask at least 5 working days before your course date to allow us time to consult with the catering company.

What should I wear? The courses are informal so you should wear comfortable clothing. Sensible footwear is important, as there are variations in flooring and flooring levels in the training areas. Delegates on a Two-Day Course will have the opportunity to actually get down on the floor to inspect carpets at close quarters but this is optional. You will also have a chance to try out machines if you would like to, but any ‘hands-on’ doesn’t actually involve getting hands dirty!

How do I get there? When your course is confirmed you will receive instructions on how to find us. Coming by car is probably the best option as we are close to both the A3 and the M25 and there is free parking on site. However, the Prochem Training Academy is within reasonable walking distance from a mainline station (Chessington North). For those coming by plane the nearest airport is Gatwick, which is about 30 minutes away by car.

What if I have to stay overnight? Hotels and guesthouses in the local area can be found on the internet.You will need to make arrangements for your own accommodation, and the cost of this is not included in the cost of the course.

What time do I have to arrive for the course? Most courses start at 9.00am but we strongly advise you to aim to be here for 8.30am. Tea and coffee will be provided on arrival and then the course will start promptly at 9.00am with a mid-morning coffee break, a lunch break and tea break in the afternoon. We aim to finish the course by around 5pm.

And how much does it cost? Each training day costs £155 + VAT (WoolSafe Fibre Care 1-Day Specialist Course £145.00). If you purchase a Prochem machine* with an invoice value of over £1500 you will receive a voucher for one free training day to use on any course within six months of your purchase. Selected start-up packages also include one free training day on a course of your choice. (*Carpet extraction machines only)

How do I book a course? You can book and pay direct on our website or call us on 020 8974 1515 and you can book and pay by card over the phone. You will then receive confirmation of your course and a schedule of timings. Please note that if you are using a voucher you will need to pay a £20 deposit which will be refunded to you on the day of the course.

Elliot King of Reality Restored Cleaning
“Since completing the C1, C2 & U1 training at Prochem we have transformed the way we operate our business. Surveys have had a massive impact and I can’t state enough how powerful they are, not just for assessing risk, but for selling. We made surveys compulsory for every enquiry we receive or else we do not progress with them. We’re converting prospects who complete a survey to customers nearly every time and have doubled, in some instances, even tripled our order value in comparison to how we operated before the training.

“We feel competent and confident and that is what we give our prospects using the processes you trained us on. Also, we’re delighted to announce that we are now active associate members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA)! I can’t thank you all enough for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us. We’ll be back for more courses in the near future.”

Rhian Grainger of RF Flooring
“Must say what great courses Prochem offer and what a great productive day. Phil and Adam make it great to learn from and listen to any questions you have always willing to point you in the right direction.

“We are booking up some more of the courses with these guys and would highly recommend them to anyone that’s starting out or already has a business in this industry! Big thanks to Phil and Adam. from all at RF Flooring.”

James Gibson of JG Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
“I’m James from JG Carpet & Upholstery cleaning. Five months ago I decided to start a carpet cleaning company, now I’m part of the NCCA thanks to Phil and Adam. I can’t stress enough about how good the Prochem courses are!!!!

“Phil and Adam are a great example of offering advice, knowledge on carpet, cleaning, upholstery cleaning, stain removal and much more and no question is a silly question. The courses are best known out there and anyone thinking of starting a Business look no further!!!!

“A quick break down – the course is made up classroom, practical, and questions and answers, you even get a free lunch and hot drinks. After attending a certificate will be issued. I have made many friends within the industry and am now a competent carpet cleaner.

“So overall 10/10 and I will be attending more courses, great day out with great people and a massive thank you to Phil and Adam for all their help.”

Libra Carpet Cleaning
“I have recently attended the day 1 carpet cleaning course and I can definitely recommend it to anyone that is new to the industry or to increase or brush up on their knowledge.

“The trainers were exceptionally good, rotating throughout the day and there was so much knowledge behind them that I even learnt loads of new things on the day.

“Overall the training was in-depth and informative. We were given training folders and we can add to that as and when if you go on another course etc. so you can have it all to hand in the van if needed.

“The lunch choices were superb! We had salad, chicken balti, rice, naan breads, sandwiches and not to mention the profiteroles which went down very well.

“I will be booking another course very soon!”

Kerry Sellen
“I recently attended a 1 day carpet cleaning course via Zoom, Phil and Adam were great, so informative, every area covered in the course was explained and discussed so thoroughly.

“I learnt a lot just from that one day and will definitely be booking up some other courses. Thank you Prochem, well worth it.”

Martine Mellor of Niro Cleaning
“Had an amazing training course with Phil and Jon today I now have a feeling of confidence knowing that I’m a little wiser and may be a little smarter that I can give our customers a better level of service.

“If you’re looking at having a better understanding on what chemicals and equipment you need for floor cleaning or carpet cleaning then I would recommend these courses to any cleaner or cleaning company.

“What they offer is knowledge and experience which can only increase productivity within your own business. Their support has been outstanding. Thanks again.”

Alex Hill
“As someone that is new to this industry and starting my own business, I thought I’d try the one day upholstery cleaning and one day carpet cleaning courses over zoom. Both courses were absolutely fantastic and very helpful.

“The people training are what you would expect, extremely professional and knowledgeable in every aspect. I learnt so much just from these one day courses and would highly recommend.”

Simon of Castleford Carpet Cleaning
“Probably the best on-line course I’ve done if not one of the best courses in general. I was really happy and learnt so much. The course content was outstanding and very well presented. A very professional organization with excellent tutors who were very knowledgeable. I would recommend to anyone and would love to attend another Prochem online course. The on-line course was all I needed and fulfilled all aspects. And finally, I would highly recommend a Prochem course. The tutors were amazing, the course duration was perfect, the content was good and in depth for newcomers like myself and it was easy to digest. Zero technical errors and most of all enjoyable. Absolutely loved it guys. Thank you and well done.”

Sam Carr from Nottinghamshire
“Thank you very much for running the course, I really enjoyed it. The course and content in my opinion, we’re delivered exceptionally well and in a way that all could understand. Relating topics to real life experiences made it even easier to understand. I certainly would recommend Prochem online training, it was brilliant. The content was relevant and interesting. The way in which it was presented made it engaging. All questions were answered throughout the course. It’s given me great confidence in delivering exceptional service and standards to my customers. Thank you!”

Luke Barnes of Blue Rose Services, Hampshire
“The Prochem on-line training is extremely well organized and informative, excellent value for money and I wouldn’t hesitate in highly recommending this to others looking to partake in CPD.”

Leszek Lajnweber of Clean and Tidy Natalia & Leon, Basingstoke
“The presentation was very interesting and YOU show in a very professional way. 100% I can give recommendations about the Prochem on-line course. Phil and Adam do a very great job of explaining and giving lots of information about cleaning carpets. Great professional and confident leaders in Prochem course.”

David McMahon from the Republic of Ireland
“I found the U1 on-line course interesting and with a lot of useful content, and presented to a very high standard. Yes, I would most definitely attend another online Prochem course. As I am some distance from the Prochem Training Centre online courses probably suits me best, but hopefully I could attend a course in Chessington at some stage. I would highly recommend the U1 online course. It was so well presented by very knowledgeable instructors who engaged a lot with the attendees. The content of the course contains interesting information, but more importantly all the relevant content that is required to clean upholstery, and this course will most definitely help the confidence of anyone looking to do so.”

Narramor of NW Cleaning & Maintenance, North West London
“I would like to thank you very much for the well-organized training. I am new in this business but the material was very impressive and the instructors were truly inspiring. I am more confident to accept upholstery cleaning jobs as a result of the training. I particularly enjoyed the videos presented it was very illustrative and made the content easier to understand. You all have done a great job. I look forward to attending the C1 next week.”

David Milton of Clean R Carpets
“Good afternoon Phil. Just a quick email to say thank you to yourself and Adam for conducting a fantastic course on Monday. With all the restrictions in place you both dealt with this superbly.

“Been on lots of courses as you know and I was highly impressed with both of you from the way you conducted yourself and Prochem. Will certainly be looking to book more courses in the future.”

Craig Lazenby of Hydra Carpet Care
“This message is just to say a big thanks to the training team at Prochem. I attended one of your 2 day carpet cleaning courses a few months back knowing absolutely nothing about cleaning carpets, my trade is just to fit them, and I learned so much on your course the cleaning is now going hand in hand with the fitting doubling my work load, I am getting cleaning off the back of fitting and vice versa. This has been a great success attending your course and I have had a 100% conversion rate from on-site inspections to getting the job through the knowledge I was taught and my keenness to learn.”

Simon Rose of All Round Cleaning
“I recently attended both the one day carpet course and the following days’ upholstery course and I would like to take this opportunity in thanking Prochem for your wonderful hospitality during those superb training courses. Conducted by true professionals, with time served experience in the industry, in an interesting and informative way. I would also like express my interest in attending both the hard floor course and the stain removal course, as early as possible.”

Sheila of Environmental Yacht Services Antibes, France
“I must thank you for your very pleasurable day doing the upholstery course. The course was very well presented by both Phil and Adam and I enjoyed the day very much. I look forward to being able to use the information to enhance my business. Thank you and I look forward to re-visiting the UK to attend the stain removal course soon. PS – I loved the lunch!”

Dan Gunner of ProCarpet Cleaning
“I recently attended the advanced stain removal at Prochem and found it a long day but it very soon, became highly beneficial and has indeed sharpened my focus into this part of my cleaning business. I now find that it gives me far more confidence to discuss with customers the options. In fact, the day after the course, I had call from a client that resulted in a professional and successful job when I might have opted against the task.”

Chris Wenzel of Spring Clean, Huddersfield
“Believe me, the Prochem hard floor course was worth every penny! I can now do floor cleaning and maintenance that I wouldn’t even have attempted before. The course was extremely beneficial and the money I invested in that trip, I have earned back several times over. You’ve got to invest in yourself as well as in machines and equipment. I am also very pleased with the help I have received from the Prochem technical help-line.”

Anthony Nash of A+ Cleaning Services, Stroud, Gloucestershire
“It was my local distributor who advised me to come on a Prochem carpet cleaning course and I’m really glad I came. I feel so much more confident since doing that course. I always test fibres and dyes now and I feel I know exactly what I’m doing. Taking the training course has definitely had a real impact on my business. I am hoping to continue moving away from general cleaning to a more specialised (and more lucrative) carpet and upholstery cleaning service. The trainers were great and I absolutely recommend other carpet cleaners to do the course.”

Peter Bennett of Prime Image Cleaners, Greenford
“My partner did the one day carpet course some years back and said it was excellent. I was really pleased I did it because although I’m quite new to the industry I was able to go home and teach him a thing or two! I feel much more technically aware since doing the course and I am definitely much more successful with stain removal. I’m also very careful now about over-wetting, which is something that can really cause the problems. However, my only real regret was not coming on a two-day carpet course. I can see now that as I haven’t had that much experience yet, it would have been better for me to come for the two days. In fact I’ll probably come back for the two-day course next year and keep up with what’s new on the carpet cleaning scene.”

Tom Dean of Beneast, Blackpool
“The carpet cleaning course was “very professional and the presentation was excellent”. The upholstery course “was another very interesting day, with an excellent manual for future reference.”

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