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//Carpet Extraction Powdered Detergents
    • Economical commercial extraction detergent, for use on synthetic carpets.
    • Contains water softeners, builders, surfactant and corrosion inhibitor for safe and effective results.
    • White powder with lemon fragrance.
    • Prochem's premium non-ionic carpet extraction detergent for spectacular results on tough, oily and greasy soils.
    • Green powder with herbal lemon fragrance.
    • A safe and effective powdered extraction detergent for wool, stain resistant nylon and upholstery fabrics.
    • WoolSafe approved maintenance product for wool carpets and rugs.
    • Fibresafe Gold incorporates a self neutralising pH system which reduces the risk of colour bleed, texture change and re-soiling.
    • Yellow powder with green apple fragrance.
    • A concentrated heavy-duty extraction detergent, formulated for optimum performance in cleaning heavily soiled carpets.
    • Double Clean contains high quality anionic and non-ionic surfactants, alkaline builders and corrosion inhibitor.
    • Blue powder with citrus mint fragrance.
    • Super-strength powder detergent for use in the most powerful truck-mounts.
    • Performs at high temperatures while maintaining stability and 100% clarity.
    • Heat Wave's ingredients will not separate under high heat, reducing residual deposits and clogged wands.
    • Light red powder with lemon floral fragrance.