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Floor Pro TS Dual Speed

  • Versatile single disc rotary machines for bonnet buffing and shampooing of carpets and stripping, scrubbing, sanding, buffing and polishing of floors.
  • The Floor Pro series incorporates an ergonomic handle with lever operated positional control and a choice of speeds to suit all types of carpet and floor maintenance.
  • Low speed for carpet bonnet and shampooing, floor scrubbing, stripping and buffing.
  • Medium speed for floor sanding in conjunction with the optional suction kit and high speed for buffing and polishing all types of smooth floors.
  • A 12 litre solution tank, suction kit, drive boards and scrubbing, polishing and shampoo brushes are optional extras.
  • Complete with GH3151 Drive Board


 Choice of three single speed and one dual speed machine
 Heavy duty induction motor
 Safety start-up handle switch
 Satellite and planetary gearbox
 Low noise level
 Ergonomic design for smooth operation
Speed Suitability
 L10 – Carpet bonnet maintenance and shampooing, floor stripping, scrubbing and buffing
 M16 – Wood floor sanding (with suction kit), floor scrubbing, buffing and polishing
 H16 – Floor buffing and polishing
 TS – Carpet bonnet maintenance and shampooing, floor stripping, scrubbing, buffing and polishing


Brush motor
Brush & Pad size
Power cable
Noise level
1000 – 1300W 50 Hz 220 – 240V CE
Satellite and planetary
154 – 308 rpm
44 kilos
430 mm (17″)
15 m (50 ft)
55 dba
1200 x 542 x 430 mm (h x l x w)

Additional information

Weight 44 kg