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//Carpet & Fabric Protective Treatments
    • Dual function carpet and upholstery protector based on cationic technology for durable soil and stain resistance.
    • Suitable for use on most wet-cleanable carpets and fabrics.
    • WoolSafe approved protector for wool carpets and rugs.
    • White liquid.
    • Solvent based protector for the treatment of water sensitive fine fabrics.
    • Fabric Seal should be applied by approved solvent applicator with suitable respiratory protection.
    • Contains odourless mineral solvent and fluorocarbon protector which helps prevent staining from water and oil based stains.
    • Clear solvent.
    • Coverage approx. 80 to 100m2 per 5 litres.
    • Anti-static treatment for carpets and other surfaces where static electricity build-up is a problem.
    • Shockaway leaves a non-sticky coating which conducts the electrical charge away from the fibre surface.
    • Apply by low pressure spray applicator to clean vacuumed carpet.
    • Clear liquid.
    • Coverage approx. 50m2 per 5 litres of mixed solution (450m2 per 5 litres of concentrate).